Company Overview

Promoted by technical entrepreneurs from IIT Kharagpur in 1985, Company initially started with manufacturing products
for Industrial Control and Pollution Control.Gradually focus shifted to Power Electronics products,embedded electronics
and renewable energy.Signotron has 50,000 available for manufacturing facility in the prestigious Electronics
Complex, Salt Lake, Kolkata.Company has a total strength of 140 employees which is increasing continously.
Graduate and Post Graduate Engineers.Diploma Engineers, Technicians.MBAs,Office and Commercial staffs.

History and Milestones

1985 : Company incorporated with a Setup of a small manufacturing facility in South Kolkata.

1985-1994 :
Company s major thrust had been in manufacturing specialized Industrial Control products
for Burner and Pollution Control- UV Flame Detector and Amplifier.
- Microprocessor based Back Feed Sequence Controller.
Having more than 10000 installations in India and abroad,the above products
were supplied in Steel and Cement Plants,Oil refineries and Chemical Industries

Year 1991.

A major diversification to Power Electronics products in Rolling Stocks.
Introduced in Indian Railways MOSFET based Voltage Regulators for Motor Generator Sets of DC EMUs.
Developed energy efficient electronic lamp ballast for Railway Coaches.
Implemented for the first time DC-DC Converter for Head Light Application in Indian Railways in lieu of rheostats.

Year 1996.

Inverters 0.5 KVA to 5 KVA for Pantry Car applications.
5 KW DC-DC Converters for Hotel load applications of Diesel Locomotives for Sri Lanka Railways.

Year 2000.

First prototype unit for 3 phase Compact drive for fractional Horse Power Motors for Diesel Locomotives in lieu of
small DC Motors.

Year 2002.

Successful completion of field trials and acceptance of small AC Motors by Indian Railways for 100% replacement of
existing small DC Motors.

Year 2003.

Commencement of Bulk Production of 3 phase Compact drives. Till date 80% diesel fleet of 4500 locomotives of
Indian Railways has been installed with such compact drives. Total field population around 14000 as on date.

Year 2004.

Thyristor based Battery Charge Discharging regenerative panel for VRLA batteries upto 70 KW.

Year 2009.

28 KW naturally cooled, Battery charger with active P.F.C. for SGAC coaches of Indian Railways. Supplied more than
150 units to Indian Railways till date.

Year 2010.

Grid tied Solar Inverter upto 100 KW rating.
Voltage Controlled Static VAR compensator for Power Factor improvement.
IGBT based Battery Charge / Discharge panel with active PFC upto 70 KW.

Year 2011.

Web based remote monitoring and control( SCADA ) for solar inverters.

Year 2012.

25 KVA Inverter for SGAC coaches of Indian Railways.
Output paralleling of grid interactive 3 phase solar inverters.

Year 2013.

UV Flame Detector.

Year 2014.

Solar Power Plant designing & installation.

Year 2015.

SignoFlex (HFC 6-3) Battery Charger.
Turnkey solution for DC systems in power utility.

Year 2016.

SignoFlex EV20 SMPS
180 KVA Auxiliary Converter for electric locos.

Future developments.

130 KVA Auxiliary Converter for electric locos.

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Plot J1-6, Block - EP, Sector - V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata - 700 091.

Why Us:

  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • Inovation
  • Strong research