Product Description

TYPE                    : Constant Voltage with crrent limiting 
NOMINAL VOLTAGE         : 415 V AC 3 phase, 3 wire system
OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE : 415 V ±15% 3 phase AC, 50 Hz±3%
DC OUTPUT VOLTAGE       : 110V to 135 volts (settable with the help of Key pad)
OUTPUT CURRENT DC       : 35A Maxm
BATTERY CHARGING UNIT   :10A to 20A settable with the hel
OTHER LOADS             :15A
OPERATING MODES         :Constant voltage
5.2 REGULATION          : The RBC shall give a DC output voltage of 122 volts to battery. The
value of output voltage shall be maintained within ±2% over the entire range of input AC
supply variation and the charging current output variation.

5.3 EFFICIENCY          : The efficiency of the unit shall not be less than 85% at half load and not
less than 92% for full load for entire input voltage range.
5.4 RIPPLE CONTENTS     : The unit shall be designed in such a way that the output voltage
ripple factor to be less than 2% r.m.s. of the set value of voltage and current ripple factor
to be less than 3% r.m.s. of the set value of the current, at all loads when measured
across a resistive load.
5.5.1 Over voltage      : Over voltage protection shall be employed to avoid the unit giving high
voltage beyond the 135 Volts. Tripping should be at higher than required charging
5.5.2 Current limit     : The battery charger shall have current limiting feature for battery
charging and shall be limited to set value (10-20Amps) and total output of the unit shall
be limited to 35 Amps.
5.5.3 AC input          : A 20 Amps three pole MCB suitable for rolling stock application shall be
provided at input side.
5.5.4 Output fuse       : There shall be 2X20Amps HRC fuse in each positive path on output side
for battery and other load.
5.5.5 AC over / under voltage protection: AC under / over voltage protection shall be
provided at 350 V and 480 V AC with an audiovisual alarm. The unit output voltage shall
automatically be available as and when the AC voltage is within 350 V to 480V. This
shall be prominently displayed with audio / visual indication.
5.5.6 Controls          : The unit shall be provided with the following minimum controls.
i) AC input MCB
ii) Unit ON/OFF
iii)Trip reset push button