Product Description

      TYPE NO         O/P Voltage     O/P VOLTAGE Variation	     Unit O/P current	           Applications
               1	      155V	         40-155V                    0-25A          UPTO 120 AH  VRLA/LMLA BATTERIES
               2	      155V		 40-155V	            0-220A         UPTO 1100 AH  VRLA/LMLA BATTERIES
               3	      310V	         60-310V	            0-25A	   UPTO 120 AH  VRLA/LMLA BATTERIES
               4	      310V	         60-310V	            0-220A	   UPTO 1100 AH  VRLA/LMLA BATTERIES

                                TYPE	     Constant voltage/Constant current with current limit.
Input voltage  Range :	350V  to 480 V ac
Output Voltage  Range :	40-155V D.C/60-310 V D.C
Out put current	 :      0-25A/0-220A
Rectification Mode  :	IGBT based THREE phase full bridge converter
Output voltage regulation  :	+-I% for the entire ac input range for constant voltage mode.
Output current regulation  :	+-1% for the entire  adc input range for constant current
Efficiency  :	= 90%  from half load to full load
Input Power Factor	=.98,  unity power factor at discharge
Input current THD  :    =7% at full load
Ripple current     :	Voltage & current ripple =2% rms at full load


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