Product Description

Specification for DC-DC Converter
[Model: D-400/T-1]
Ref: RDSO Spec.No.ELRS/SPEC/DC-DC CONVERTER/OO21 (Rev-01) Sept-2004

1.  Input Voltage Range           :    70V - 140V DC (Nominal 110V DC)

2.  Input Ripple                  :    Up to 30% peak to peak.

3.  Output Voltage                :    24V DC, settable between 24 to 26V (Factory set: 25.5V +/- 1%)

4.  Load Capacity                 :    400 Watt continuous at 24V output.

5.  Efficiency                    :    More than 85%

6.  Insulation Resistance         :    More than 20 meg. ohms measured with a  500V Megger.

7.  Dielectric Strength           :    1.5KV max. between all terminals shorted and the casing for 1 minute.

8.  Ambient Temperature           :    0 to 70C continuous.

9.  Short Circuit                 :    Short circuit protected.

10. Over Voltage/Under Voltage    :    Beyond 140V and below 70V system will trip.System will re-start automatically within operating voltage range.

11. Reverse Polarity              :    Will  not  operate for  reverse polarity input. No damage is done.

12. Surge                         :    Can withstand 1.8KV, 1.2/50 micro Sec

13. Termination                   :    2 Nos. two way stud type terminals for input and output connection.

14. Dimension (Approx.)           :    255mm x 210mm x 170mm (+35 terminal cover)

15. Weight (Approx.)              :    8 KG.

The two DC-DC Converters are housed in one MS cabinet with a change over switch for selecting any one at a time. Each DC-DC Converter has been designed to drive
400 Watts load continuous at 24V output.