IGBT Based DSP Controlled Battery Charger

Product Description

The IGBT based battery charge/discharge system has been designed for the following rating and other particulars.

i)Type: Constant voltage/constant current with current  limiting.

ii)Input Voltage:

   Nominal voltage = 415V AC, 50HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire.

   Operating line to line Voltage = 350V AC to 480V AC.

iii)    Rectification Mode: 
The front end converter is IGBT based DSP controlled PWM voltage source converter and second converter is a PWM DC-DC isolated converter controlled by DSP.

iv) Output voltage & output current: 

For CV mode: 40V to 128.8V(2V to 2.3 V per cell) & 220A for VRLA battery. 
Recommended voltage of charging in float mode: 2.25V/cell. It may be adjusted by key pad.
Recommended voltage of charging in boost mode : 2.30V/cell. It may be adjusted by key pad.

For CC mode: 151.2V( 2.70V per cell) & 110A(10% of the rated 10 hrs. capacity of battery)  for LEAD ACID battery.

Output current may vary from 22A to 220A by key pad under constant current mode.

v)   Output voltage regulation: 

Under constant voltage mode, the output voltage will be maintained within 1% over the entire range of the input AC supply variation and the output load variation from 10% to 100% of rated capacity. 

vi)  Output current regulation: 

Under constant current mode, the output current will be maintained constant within ? 1% of the set value at 35% to 100% load over entire range of the input AC supply.

vii) Efficiency: 

Efficiency of the unit is better than 85% at half load & 93% at full load for the entire input voltage range & 90% for discharge mode.

viii) Ripple content: 

Voltage/current ripple ? 2% rms at full load when measured across a resistive load.

 ix)) Protections:
Input under/over voltage, Input phase sequence, Output over voltage, Current limit, Overload etc.           

x) Insulation Resistance:   10MO or more while measured with the help of 500 Volt  megger between shorting terminal and body of the enclosure.

xi) High Voltage Test :   Dielectric test shall be carried out by applying the following voltage.
a.	2000Vrms sine wave, 50 Hz for 1 minute for 415V ac circuits.
b.	1500Vrms sine wave, 50 Hz for 1 minute for 110V dc circuits.

xii) Power factor : Better than 0.98 at full load for both charging & discharging mode.

xiii) Current harmonic distortion: Less than 8% at full load both charging & discharging mode.