SignoFlex (Multiple Battery Charger)

Product Description

Signoflex (HFC 10-10) is an intelligent software based battery charger developed with most advanced high frequency SMPS technology. It is a user friendly Lead Acid battery charger that is capable to charge from single 12V battery to 10 batteries simultaneously. The ultra low ripple DC output of the charger ensures proper formation of the plates of the batteries in minimum time.

The small, lightweight and portable product is brought by Signotron, a professional electronics equipment manufacturer established in 1985 by a group of technical entrepreneurs. Signotron has its wide range of activities in the field of digital hardware, power electronics, embedded controls, industrial control and software.

With widest range of input, Signoflex can deliver constant output current at selected level that ensures proper charging of Lead Acid battery and increases the life of the battery. The intelligent software of the product minimizes manual operations and thus, in a big way, prevents the human error hazards.

There is no electrical shock hazard at the battery end. Signoflex provides total battery protection against output overvoltage due to device failure. Highest level of protections in this category of products ensures safe & trouble free service for the charger for years


Signotron does carefull analysys of the requirements specified by the customers and provides the best possible solution


Signotron has a bunch of efficient and dedicated engineers who are constantly engaged in research


Signotron is having strong strategies based on the market requirement which helped it to remain one of the market leaders in its domain