Product Description

Specification for 5 KVA DMRC Inverter : 

1)	Input Voltage - 110V DC +/- 30 %
2)	Nominal Voltage – 110 V DC.
3)	Output Voltage- 58 V AC ±5%, 3 Phase, 50HZ Sine PWM Output 
4)	Continuous Capacity- 5 KVA
5)	Continuous Output Current per phase -  50 Amp.
6)	Max Short time  Output Current per phase ( for 5 sec . )  -  60 Amp.
7)	Connected load- Blower Motor
8)	Dimension – Inverter Enclosure (LxWxH) = 500mmx160mmx250mm .
9)	Protections – a. Input reverse polarity
                           b. Output Over Load        
                           c. Output Short Circuit 
                           d.  Over Temperature 
                           e. Input Over or  under voltage 
                           f. Enclosure IP 65 type.
                           g.Over temperature 
10)	Potential Free contact – 
a)	High Ambient fault(Normal open):- Inverter should stop working if temperature inside the inverter is high and should trigger the High ambient fault o/p( by Closing the contact o/p).
b)	Inverter Fault(Normal Closed):- For any of fault condition(as indication on inverter) at inverter side, this Fault o/p signal must be triggered( by opening the contact o/p). 

11)	System Topology – The system will consist of a  three phase Inverter will invert the voltage to 58 V three phase Sine PWM AC .